Need help to start?

No need to worry, we have all resources you require to get your adverts to showcase.


To get started, contact our sales personnel and the rest shall be sorted. You will be advised accordingly.  

Your ads will appear on our different products based on the package you have signed up for. The following are our different products; 

  1. Full match videos
  2. Match Highlights
  3. In-stream adverts
  4. Banner space on our blog site
  5. Your logo appearing on matches during  live streamed matches. 

Advertisers can choose the pricing methodology that best aligns with their campaign goals.

Spend as little or as much as u would like depending on the allocated budget that u set. Our pricing is based upon the following factors;

  1. Content sharing.
  2. Info-graphics
  3. In-stream ads during live games.
  4. Number of banners featuring on our blog.
  5. Match day photos from all games played in areas around Kampala.

Feel free to contact our sales team any day according to our working hours, i.e. 8:00 to 17:30. We are here for you 🙂

Don't be Stranded.

We are here for you. Contact our sales team and marketing experts for any inquires. 

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